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Offering the largest selection of high quality strains in the state with the lowest prices available.


The best buds

Dozens of pot competitions each year help sort through all the innovation, with the best strains standing out. In turn, growers purchase winning seeds and clones for the most in-demand and hence valuable flowers. Buy recreational marijuana in Seattle WA!

Legal Seattle Weed

Washington State’s Initiative 502 (I-502), which decriminalizes recreational marijuana, was voted into law in November 2012. The new law allows the creation of a licensed and regulated system of marijuana production and distribution.


Local Seattle Company

We’re a local Seattle Company. Born and raised in Seattle, WA you can trust that your hard earned money is staying within the city that you love. We work hard to make Seattle a better place for all!


Great Prices

We do our best to find the most affordable sources of cannabis available. We spend painstaking hours negotiating with growers and suppliers to get the best product at the best price. We pass the quality and savings on to our customers.

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